VIRTUS Fitness Launches In The UAE

November 15, 2021

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A few weeks ago, Larry Wheels set tongues wagging, curling a barbell underwater.

Posted to his 2.6million followers, the clip shows him lifting a VIRTUS Fitness barbell and plates in Deep Dive Dubai, the world's deepest pool.

Some suggested we had a hand in the stunt. We didn't. But, we did donate the Bar and Plates to Deep Dive Dubai as part of our partnership with the new tourist attraction. We had no idea Larry was going to share VIRTUS Fitness with the world (cheers Larry).

So after going viral at Deep Dive Dubai - now would might a good time to announce our partnership with VIRTUS Fitness...

Taken from Latin, "virtus" was a specific virtue in Ancient Rome. It reflected valor, excellence, courage, character and worth. VIRTUS Fitness is applying those virtues to their business - quality, cost and support.

An Australian based company, VIRTUS Fitness will focus on "value for money". Durable gym equipment at the lowest possible price. They found the sweet spot too, with some of the lowest prices we've seen, without dropping the quality.

We're excited to partner with VIRTUS Fitness and bring their product range to the UAE.

With VIRTUS on board, VIVO can now offer low cost equipment, faster. The full VIRTUS range is in-stock, in Dubai. Start-up Clubs, Home Gyms, Crossfit Boxes or PT's starting a boot-camp business - this is for you.

VIRTUS's Core Range includes the new "Performance Series Barbell". The new bar uses the very best in Barbell engineering:

  • Strong Black Zinc Shafts ^^insert strength rating^^
  • Four sleeve bearings and brushed shafts - so they spin smoother than Miles Davis
  • Precision machined Hard Chrome Sleeves, protecting them against hard impact.
virtus fitness barbell

You'll find lots of other fitness equipment in the VIRTUS the range, like:


We love BLKBOX, as do our customers. Their equipment is some of the best in the game - used by global icons like Adidas, Under Armour and Chelsea FC. Quality, Aesthetic and Performance are the driving factors - and it shows. You'll find BLKBOX equipment in many of the best facilities in the UAE - like NAS, Studio Republik and Embody. It's not only the equipment - the people behind BLKBOX are world class.

For some though, the cost of building a facility in the Middle East can be pricey. Especially with the rising cost of importing from international brands.

By offering BLKBOX and VIRTUS Fitness - we can utilise a larger range of products to suit a lower range of budgets. #strongertogether

With VIRTUS in our range - we can finally work with customers on a tighter budget. We're excited to build more gyms.

Love the BLKBOX Belfast Bar but want cheaper plates to go with it? Now you can.

VIRTUS equipment is being delivered to gyms around the region, right now. Order online with free delivery in the UAE or get in touch for larger orders or fit-outs.

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