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Dubai UAE


Over AED1million

Studio Republik is an Absolute Monster...

... and one of the most unique projects we've ever been involved in.

Our work with Studio Republik builds on many years supplying Fitness Equipment and Flooring Solutions to Fit Republik, the group's flagship facility in Dubai Sports City.

For Studio Rep. our involvement was in the Main Gym and the BootKamp Studio Zones.

Using mostly equipment from BLKBOX  (Belfast, Ireland) we supplied all CrossFit Equipment and Accessories throughout the facility. This included:

  • Fully Customised "10-Bay" Crossfit Rig with specialised wall ball targets, designed around a low ceiling height.
  • 50 barbells
  • 5 Custom Power Racks with Integrated Lifting Platforms
  • 3000kg of Customized Bumper Plates
  • Secondary Crossfit Rig
  • 60 Wall Balls
  • 70 Dumbells
  • Fully Customized Storage Solutions.

It was a pleasure working with Studio Republik, but also with many of their 3rd-party partners, such as their Lead Architect and Project Management Consultant.

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