Gym flooring

Rubber Gym Flooring, Weight Room Tiles and Turf Sled Tracks
Installed Across Dubai and the UAE Since 2013

Over the past decade, we've installed over 300,000 square feet of Gym Flooring, for hundreds of Fitness Facilities across Dubai, the UAE and the GCC.

From small home gyms to 50,000 square foot commercial gyms. We've got your gym flooring needs covered.

Rolled Rubber Gym Flooring

Rolled Rubber Gym Flooring as a staple in gyms all over the world. It's value for money makes it the ideal gym flooring product for large spaces, where specialist flooring isn't needed.

Our Rolled Rubber Gym Floors are available in a range of colours and thicknesses, engineered to be long-lasting under heavy use. Perfect for functional, cardio areas and studio spaces.

A roll of grey rubber gym flooring

Weight Room Tiles and Mats

Using Weight Room Tiles and Rubber Floor Mats as part of your Gym Flooring design is more important than most realise. The right rubber Tiles and Mats will protect your equipment and sub-floor, whilst reducing acoustic issues affecting your neighbours.

Well-made rubber weight tiles are stable underfoot, whilst absorbing the force of heavy weight drops from loaded barbells and other equipment.

Grey coloured Rubber Gym Flooring tiles for weight lifting areas

Installed Fast. With Precision.

After installing Gym Flooring across the Middle East for a decade - you learn a thing or two.

Processes get faster. Mistakes are avoided. Customers are happier.

We know what to look for in sub-floors, how to precision cut around base-build columns and how to alter levels to ensure a flush finish. All while reducing your risk of installation errors.

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An image of a joint between 3 pieces of gym flooring products including rubber flooring and wood lifting platform

Weight Lifting Platforms

Whether they're build to stand-alone, be integrated into a squat rack or dropped flush with the surrounding gym flooring as part of a complete Gym Flooring project (like we recently did for Embody Fitness).

We supply and install weight-lifting platforms in all shapes and sizes.

A custom branded weight lifting platform instead a squat rack

MMA Flooring

We've seen a rise in purpose built MMA facilities around the UAE, like ADMA and UAEJJ.

To meet this demand, we supply and install a wide range of MMA Flooring and MMA Matting, to suit all types of MMA areas and clubs. Like most of our gym flooring products, we can customise your MMA Flooring, like we did for ADMA.

Black MMA Matting with a custom ADMA logo

Functional Fitness Turf

If you've ever trained on cheap astro turf, you know how nasty it is and how quickly it gets ruined. Don't waste your money.

Purpose built Fitness Turf is different. It's durable, designed for heavy use and isn't harsh on your hands. Our turf is manufactured with a supportive underlay to reduce the risk of injury from plyometric and other power-based exercises.

Green Artificial Turf Gym Flooring at Box iQ Gym in Dubai

Custom Turf Sled Tracks

The modern day gym is not complete without a turf sled track and you can make a real statement by customising it with your logos.

We've done this for dozens of gyms, like StudioRepublik, Embody Fitness, FitRepublik and Jumeirah Hotels.

The custom turf gym flooring at the J-Club in Dubai UAE


We've been supplying Gym Equipment and Flooring Solutions to Fitness Facilities in the UAE and Middle East for over a decade.

From small home gyms and garage conversions, to some of the best fitness facilities in the region - Like Studio Repulik, Embody Fitness and NAS Sports Complex.

If you need an Equipment or Flooring solution for your gym space, we've got you covered.

Drop us your details and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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