Let's Go

Let's Go
Abu Dhabi, UAE

This was our first Full turnkey Project with Let’s Go and one of the many we’ve successfully delivered in Abu Dhabi.

The complete Delivery and Installation took 8-weeks from Order, inlcuding manufacturing and shipping from the UK and contained a complete BLK Box Package, from start to finish, including:

> 15mm Fusion Flooring throughout
> Customised CrossFit Training Rig manufactured in line with the client’s Specific Colour Scheme, including Branded Plaques and bespoke Wall Ball Targets, designed around the Client’s Site factoring in specific AC Duct Locations, Ceiling Heights etc.
> Equipment Package including Wall Balls,Slam Balls, Dumbbells, Bars, Plates, Plyo-Boxes and In-Laid Wooden Lifting Platforms.
> Co-Ordination with Contractor to ensure the sub-floor was level and all Civil Works were conduted in line with the new flooring and rig.

From Order to Site in 8 weeks.

Size – 350m2
Scope – Pre Contract Designs, Supply and Installation of flooring and all equipment
Key Features – Fully custom CrossFit Rig

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