BOX iQ Al Quoz

Al Quoz, Dubai UAE
July 1, 2023
Commercial Gyms

BOX iQ recently opened their second facility in partnership with WOWHydrate, a high performace Boxing, Strength and Conditioning facility for elite athletes.

Their new site, situated near Sheikh Zayed Rd in Al Quoz, is loaded with a range of VIRTUS equipment, including:

  • Custom banded WOW Hydrate & BOX iQ VIRTUS Personal Training POD with an integrated weightlifting platform
  • VIRTUS strength accessories
  • Fully Customised and UK Manufactured BOX iQ Training Ring
  • VIRTUS Rubber Flooring & Turf, Concept 2 Ergs, Assault Bike and Treadmill and other VIRTUS accessories

VIVO were the only guys who could do our level of customisation and hit our lead times at a reasonable price point.

Joe Ackary
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